Step 1
Prepay, permits and ad hoc access

Step 1 is to ensure that your car park users have multiple ways to pay for parking, can be offered a permit or a temporary parking pass or even access a ticket machine if necessary.

Redde app and kiosks

Easy cashless parking payment solution via app, online, SMS, kiosk or phone with a human operator on hand for any problems

Valid park

Our simple interface for easy validation of car park users via PC, tablet or smartphone

MPA - MyParkingAccess

Empower your regular customers, staff and visitors to manage their own virtual permits in real-time with our MPA virtual parking permit portal and app system

Payment machines and kiosks

Best in class contactless parking payment machines or kiosks for on site cash and card payments

Step 2
Frictionless entry and parking

Make sure that your car park entry and exit offer easy access to users, creating a smooth flow of traffic and a positive parking experience

Barrierless car parks

Our integrated system means a barrier is not required, reducing congestion and user frustration enormously. By combining our REDDE payment app, MyParkingAccess virtual permits and ANPR cameras we can create a fluid experience for your visitors and colleagues.

The benefits

No barriers: Traffic flows freely in and out of
the car park preventing tailbacks and queues

No tickets: No need to keep a ticket to open
the barrier to leave

No hassle payment: Either pay before or
after exiting car park

Cost Saving: Reduced installation and
maintainence costs

Step 3
Monitoring trespass and contraventions

Step 3 is to use leading edge technology to monitor trespass and general contraventions. We aim to identify abuse and take rapid steps to reduce it. Your car park users are also customers and colleagues so we don't automatically take punitive measures. We work with you in handling these issues.

Automatic number plate recognition cameras

Best in class ANPR parking lot cameras to monitor exit and entry and identify trespass issues.

Handheld ticketing

Versatile, easy to configure software that can be used on any Android smartphone to create an effective enforcement tool for your wardens

Step 4
Processing parking charges

Step 4 is to ensure that, if you do decide to issue parking notices, that you have the advantage of full visibility from permits through to historic tickets and appeals in a single system

Fully integrated system

Our integrated system provides 1 database of information which offers the unrivalled advantage of full visibility from permits through to historic tickets and appeals in a single system. We've thought long and hard about the job of parking notice processing and have added smart features to make enforcement fairer , easier and more effective

The benefits

Smart features: Up to 2 character error checking to ensure that human error when obtaining a permit doesn't result in a driver receiving a PCN

Letter Writing Creator: We have a library of standard templates that simplifies handling appeals and other outbound communicationss

Increased success rate: Ultimately the benefit of our system is an increased rate of successful enforcement. One customer has doubled their recovery rate, turning their car park into a performing asset