Whether you are running an established venue with parking or building temporary sites for events and festivals then being able to seamlessly manage visitor, staff and contractor parking is essential to the smooth running of the operation. Thanks to our Redde Go technology and the end-to-end integration of our parking solution we help event organizers and their guests a stress free experience while increasing space and growing revenues.

Sector challenges

Coping with peak times
Handling high volumes of traffic and avoiding bottle necks and customer frustration is key.

Permit allocation
A wide variety of visitors means ensuring that each has the correct access (or not) at the correct times.

Real time data
You need to know what space is actually available and which allocated spaces have not yet been used

3rd party hire
Handing your venue over to a promoter or event organiser? Be able to securely hand over parking admin too.

VIP treatment
Want to offer tiered services to different groups of customers? Being able to offer parking perks is key.

Pop Up Parking
M aintaining the same quality of service and minimal admin burden of a permanent site can be difficult

“Advanced Parking can help stadiums and large venues beat their parking challenges. Our system can facilitate increased car park utilisation, lower traffic congestion and massively increase your service levels. In our high-tech world there’s no place for clipboards with lists of number plates and a need to pay in cash.”

David Hyde


Our solution

Our Redde Go app allows 5 methods of cashless payment

Redde Go’s versatile tariff engine allows for specific prices at specific times and for specific groups of guests

Integration with our MPA virtual permit system allows you to allocate permits on a self serve basis as guests register themselves

Incentivise timely arrivals using our in built notifications

Our MPA system allows VIP ticket holders to invite their own guests to your event while booking a pre-allocated parking space

Redde Go allows your parking attendants to scan number plates and instantly qualify a pre-paid customer or ask for payment

Real time data flow allows you to identify spare capacity and also re-allocate unused reserved parking

Our automation reduces the need for paper permits, windscreen stickers and passes and removes an enormous admin burden from your staff

The benefits

No need for visitors to carry tickets and cash.

You control who pays what and when – even incentivising early arrival if you wish.

Pre-payments can be made by guests in advance, on site or even on exit brilliant for any ticket holder who wishes to drive to your event

Direct members & ticket holders to book and pay for official parking in advance of the event. You can sell ticket and parking packages and identify ticket holders on arrival

Promote on site food, drink and entertainment offers through the app to encourage early arrival and drive purchase

You can offer VIP’s the privilege of sharing access to pre-allocated and paid for parking spaces with their guests which is perfect for corporate hospitality

Our Redde Go software works on any android device and supports frictionless entry & fluid entry flow, massively reducing check in time

Our dashboard will show you real time updates allowing you to make quick decisions to make best use of available space

No need to print, post and inspect paper permits of any description – all guests are handled electronically using our fully integrated system which means less cost and less staff time wasted administrating an antiquated system