Visitors to sports and leisure clubs want to get in and out of their centre or club with the minimum of fuss. Whether it’s a regular workout, a swim, a match or a competition the experience is enhanced by ease of finding a parking space, payment and equally important – leaving easily!

Sector challenges

Varied users Permanent staff, visiting staff, members, non-members,
contractors, spectators and competitors – our system makes it easy to manage all of their needs

Varied tariffs If your centre or club is located in a busy town centre or retail park you want to be able to control and vary pricing easily. Our system has an industry leading tariff engine alongside our mobile payment app

Saving time and stress Your visitors want their parking experience to be the most insignificant part of their visit to your sport centre or leisure club. Our frictionless parking management system delivers that

By 9am 75% of the car park was full! But the centre was empty…


visitors annually

Our challenge

Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre is just around the corner from Ilford’s mainline rail station, the town’s major commuter hub in and out of London. The centre has 400 spaces across 2 car parks 75% of which were occupied before 9am. This meant disgruntled leisure centre members, congestion issues and traffic hazards during peak times. The client was planning to implement two sets of double barriers and 4 pay and display machines as a solution at a cost of c.£60,000.




large sports events annually

“Thanks to AP we very quickly achieved our primary aim, to reduce abuse of the car

Matt Reynolds

Business Development Manager

Our solution

Identified that barriers and pay and display machines would actually generate further congestion and traffic hazards. We proposed and implemented a ‘barrier-less’ system supported by ANPR cameras.

Used parking enforcement to deter commuters from parking.

We implemented a virtual permit portal allowing our client to manage various diverse user groups and special events.

Integrated REDDE our payment app allowing virtual mobile payments, alongside self service payment kiosks in the centre.

The benefits

Removed the need for barriers and pay and display machines saving at least £60,000 in set up costs and further maintenance charges

Reduction in traffic hazards and congestion within the car park and on the main access road

Eliminated clerical burden by allowing members to self manage the parking permit system

Reduced friction around special events by allowing organisers to manage their own parking

Removed the prospect of frustration caused by cash payment machines, offering seamless payment
whilst offering kiosk and telephone payment support

Clients say

“Thanks to AP we very quickly achieved our primary aim, to reduce abuse of the car parks. We not only saved the £60,000 we were going to spend on barriers and P&D machines, but over 18 months have generated an additional £50,000 in revenue enabling us to improve the overall centre experience for our users”

Matt Reynolds
Business Development Manager