Ensuring patients arrive for their appointments on time is vital to efficiently run any clinic or surgery. The last thing you want is patients blaming your parking facilities for delays. You also want those same people to experience the minimum of stress and fuss given where their priorities lie when seeking medical attention or visiting a loved one. Our hospital and clinic parking management system offers features to manage the wide range of staff, patient and visitor parking needs.

Sector challenges

Frictionless parking
Our camera technology and cashless payment options allow us to remove barriers and encourage better user flow.

Payment options & support
Our app offers multiple ways to pay PLUS live customer service support. Perfect for even the least ‘techy’ of your customers. It can also be used to configure a payment kiosk inside your premises.

Sympathetic Parking Charge management
No-one wants a PCN because they were in a rush or delayed during their appointment. We’ll work with you to protect your reputation as a healthcare provider.’

The Medical Centre needed to ensure that doctors and patients with mobility issues could easily access parking.

Our challenge

This Medical Centre has a small car park exclusively for staff. Visitors to the nearby High Street and local residents were not only abusing the car park but there was also an ongoing issue with vandalism – people forcing their way past a chain barrier, removing signage and damaging cars. The client desperately needed staff to be able to reclaim their car park


decrease in vandalism


new revenue per month

“AP helped us stop abuse and ensure that our staff could park and get to work on time. What made it even better was that there was no CapEx outlay – instead we even generated a nice extra income for the surgery maintenance”


Surgery Manager

Our solution

We implemented ANPR cameras with CCTV which allowed us to address both the abuse and vandalism.

We then proposed that our client allow paid parking out of hours and at weekends using our mobile payment app Redde.

Implemented Valid Park to allow the clinic to award virtual parking permits to patients with mobility issues

The benefits

Abuse was curtailed within weeks and vandalism stopped immediately

Our client helped local drivers frustrated with a lack of nearby parking and generated additional revenue

This paid parking more than exceeded the costs of implementing the cameras

Clients say

“AP has always been available and helpful. Highly recommended.”

Project Manager