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Advanced Parking Solutions offers a higher level of service for both our own clients, and our clients’ customers. More educated consumers are now demanding both more sophisticated and more convenient car parking arrangements and that is exactly what we provide.

We offer customised parking management solutions because no two situations are the same.  We provide the best mix of software and hardware to ensure that your customers receive an enhanced parking experience and you painlessly increase your revenue.

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  • FREE Installation

  • FREE Equipment and Signage

  • FREE Nationwide Management & Service

  • Smooth traffic flow in & out of your parking area

  • Prompt Survey & Installation

  • Full Management Reporting at your Fingertips

  • BPA Approved Operator

  • Free ANPR Systems

Our industry-leading hardware and software accommodates different business process and reporting needs. Your important information is safe and confidential at all times. We support mobile, web and PC solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your business and increase your organisation’s productivity.

Above all else, we aim to empower our customers so that they have complete control over their car parks at all times. This is supported by our client portal.

The following cartoon tells the whole story.

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